5 Top Things you can do in Richmond, Victoria

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By Posted March 3, 2016 Category News.

richmond electrician

Richmond is one of the suburbs in Melbourne, Victoria, in the country of Australia. It is known for its Little Saigon that is along Victoria Street.

When you visit Victoria, Australia, you must be thinking of what things that you can do in the area. You are certainly going to make the most out of your day in enjoying your stay.

Here are the 5 top things that you can consider doing in Richmond:

Have a breakfast

It is great to wake up in the morning and start the day right with a breakfast. So you should definitely not miss the breakfast in Richmond. But on your way make sure that you have enough money or find an ATM first before going to the place for breakfast because other restaurants offer cash basis only.

Any restaurants offer very good breakfast, with the menus that you usually have on your breakfast. And it is not only breakfast they offer but also great service to all their customers.

Eat Pho

Going to the Victoria St. where it has more than 25 restaurants and most of them are Vietnamese, there is no doubt of going to this place to eat Pho.

Pho is an authentic Vietnamese soup with rice noodles, few herbs, broth and meat that is usually served with chicken or beef. This soup is so popular in Vietnam as street food and you should never miss this if you also visit Richmond.

Buy bargain goods

This could be awkward to do but if you really want to spend your stay with a wonderful meaning, you can absolutely find branded name knickers or any goods that you can take with you back home. This can be found in Green St. along Dimmey’s mural.  

Have some sip of cocktail

If you are one of the bar hoppers who want to experience fun in the bar, then you can have a sip of cocktail around Richmond. Just be ready with your budget because you may get broke when you don’t. But absolutely this is worth it, so don’t miss it.

Visit the park

Visiting a park is one of the cheapest ways to spend time with your family. You and your family or friends can visit a park in Richmond where you can refresh your mind and have some fresh air. This is something that you can enjoy as well while spending morning or afternoon with your love ones.

Having a vacation should be fun and full of experiences, especially when you go to Richmond, Victoria. This is something that you should not miss when you go here.

Melbourne has many things to offer and Richmond is one of them. So be sure to take some memories before you head back home.

Make it more memorable. You can search for Richmond online so you can still get some ideas about where to go and the cheapest way to spend every day of your vacation here.

But one thing is for sure; you will love Richmond, Victoria.

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