electrician in richmond

With so many devices and appliance that we use on a daily basis it’s difficult to quickly come up with one of your own favourite activities that does not require any form of electricity. With the ever growing need for being connected on social media and longer battery life in our phones, we often take having power on hand for granted. It’s only when you run into electrical problems that you actually realise how reliant on electricity you really are, and it’s in times like these you need a professional who can get your power back on fast!

Why We Are The Best Choice

As the #1 electrician in Richmond, we understand how important having a stable supply of electricity is to you and your family and when you need any type of electrical repairs or installation done right, you can depend on us for a top quality job.

Each of the Richmond electricians in our team are fully licensed and certified in their trade. We also carry our random drug testing on all of our employees thought-out the year which ensures that you are always met with friendly and helpful staff who provide top quality customer service. No matter the size of the job you are planning, we will be ready and waiting to take on any repair, installation or other electrical task you need doing. With more than 15 years in the industry we are the best electrician in Richmond for your residential or commercial tasks.

You can call our friendly staff on 03 9909 5340 to arrange a free quote or to talk about the electrical projects you are planning or the services that we provide.

Richmond Electrical Contractors

It goes without saying that you should never try to repair your homes electrical wiring if you’re unsure what needs to be done. If you happen to miss or skip an important step, there is a very high chance that you or your family could be in serious danger. Even if you think everything is done correctly, a loose or faulty correctly might start a fire one day in the future. The slightest mistake can have big effects. The Richmond electrician team will make sure that all work carried out is done to the highest standards and keeps your home 100% safe.

Richmond Wiring Repairs

No matter if you need new wiring installed in an older property or perhaps you are contrasting a new home that needs to be decked out with a full wiring system, our Richmond electricians will make sure you have the best design installed. If you happen to live in an older style home then there’s a good chance the wires need repairing or replacement. There are standards today which were not in place 10 or 15 years ago which if left unchecked could lead to serious problems or injury.

Safety Inspections and Electrical Testing

We want everyone in Richmond to be completely safe in their home and their workplace. That’s what we offer detailed testing and inspection services that go over every inch of your property to check for problems and make sure everything is up to code. If you’re doing any type of electrical wiring or repairs give us a call on 03 9909 5340 to setup a time for a free quote.