emergency electrician

With more than 10 years of experience in the electrical industry and having grown up in the Melbourne area, the team at South Yarra Electricial Repairs know how quickly a fried circuit board or a faulty connection can turn into a major disaster where an emergency electrician is needed. Unfortunately these types of things do happen and we strive to arrive onsite quickly and prepared with the right equipment to fix your emergency and get your power flowing like normal as fast as possible

If you are concerned about a possible electrical maintenance issue and need an emergency electrician to check some wiring then don’t hesitate to contact us on 03 9909 5340. When it comes to your homes electricity supply, it’s a great resource but can quickly create emergencies like fires and other dangers to your family and friends.

Signs Of A Potential Electrical Emergency

There are a number of things that can be used as early warning signs of an impending electrical emergency. We have listed some of these below. If you notice any of these please contact a trained, professional electrician straight away.

Burning Smells

Inside each family home, apartment and office there is a huge amount of wiring stored behind walls or in the ceilings. At any time, something could happen with these wires and the first thing you would notice is the smell of something burning. You may not even be able to see smoke, but the smells would give you a very good warning sign.

Power outages

A sudden and unexpected loss of power is by far one of the most noticeable things that signals a potential need to call an emergency electrician. With more and more home automation systems being installed in Melbourne now a power failure can create significant issues for you and your family.

Arcing Wires

If you see sparks flying please move yourself and your family away from the area and call our emergency electrician on 03 9909 5340 immediately. It is possible for electricity to jump several meters so be sure to keep at a safe distance. If you can reach the switchboard without danger then disable all power to the building, otherwise wait for an expert.

How An Emergency Electrician Can Help

Each of our electricians are fully qualified and certified to answer any calls at any time of day to help you with your electricity emergency. We take on every job as an opportunity to brighten the lives of the people of Melbourne and being able to connect with more people in this great city.

South Yarra Electrical Repairs has built it reputation over the years to be known as an electrician who is professional and ready to help in any emergency, anywhere in Melbourne. We won’t leave you in the dark at a time when you’re looking for help. Our response times are generally within 60 minutes of your call, which puts our emergency electrician service among one of the fastest in all of Melbourne.

Registered Electrical Contractors

Each of the electricians at South Yarra take complete pride in every task undertaken. We can handle any type of electrical emergency, whether it’s residential, commercial or even automotive. Because Melbourne is quite large, we have electricians located in key areas who can respond quickly to your emergency. You can also get a free quote on jobs, even in emergencies. So call 03 9909 5340 now if you’re in the dark and we will get your power turned back on.