commercial electrician

Our team of professional electricians in South Yarra have more than 85 years of combined experience in the commercial electrical industry and their local knowledge is just as good. We can help your business with installing and maintaining any types of infrastructure that supports your daily activities or keeps your property and staff safe.

Below are just a few of the commercial electrical services that South Yarra Electrical can provide.

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Our commercial services

It takes a lot of time and effort to run a business, so removing things like tag and testing requirements and checking that your building has emergency lighting that’s up to code isn’t something most company owners have time to complete. That’s where our scheduled commercial electrician services can help. Check out all the items below that our team of friendly staff can help your business with.

Communication & Data Cabling

One of our most popular services is installing and maintaining thousands of kilometres of cabling that’s inside South Yarra offices and factories. Our electricians can install data cabling so your office staff to access the internet or replace existing phone lines that are no longer functioning correctly.

Audio Visual System Installation

The way you present information about your business to potential and existing clients can make or break the relationship. To make sure you land every client with successful meetings and clear presentations let South Yarra Electrical setup the office audio visual systems so that it’s easy to use and makes your business look professional.

We’ve all been in meetings where technologies have failed, and it does take focus away from the presenter…when talking about new or existing business, having reliable systems is critical. Our electricians can install and configure all your devices to work seamlessly while ensuring all cables and cords are hidden to keep your office looking great as well

Emergency Lighting

The Occupational Health and Safety as well as building regulations in Australia require public buildings to have some form of emergency lighting systems installed. These systems include things like exit lights in stairways during an evacuation or lighting in muster areas where your staff congregate after exiting the building.

We can provide you with the most effective design and have your emergency lighting system installed professionaly so it complies with all the required safety regulations. Our electricians are also qualified to maintain and upgrade existing systems to ensure regulations and policies are adhered to.

Commercial Electrical Repairs & Maintenance

South Yarra Electricians are available for one off or scheduled electrical maintenance services. We currently support a number of local businesses in South Yarra as well as some large companies in Melbourne. Each of our electricians pride themselves on providing a reliable, trustworthy service that businesses can depend upon.

You can schedule a time to talk about your companies maintenance requirements by calling 03 9909 5340

Fibre Optic Cable Installation & Testing

Our electricians are trained to install and test fiber optic cables. As one of the main cabling methods used by several of our customers across Melbourne we will make sure that your phone and internet connections are functioning and the best possible speeds.

Commercial Security System Installations

Having some level of security system installed at your business is vital. While it doesn’t need to be the equivalent of a bank, unless your company is a bank, but ensuring that everything is installed correctly can be the difference in getting all or only some information from the system when its needed.

Commercial Lighting Systems

No matter how big or small your business is, having good lighting for your staff and customers makes all the difference. South Yarra Electrical Services can provide your business with the latest lighting setups including, shop lighting, outdoor lighting, office lighting and even LED installations.

Our team can also provide you with advice for setting up your shop or office in a way to make the lighting more effective. South Yarra Electricians can install lighting, cabling, power points among other things. We are also able to completely re-wire your office power supplies or lighting plan to suit the changing needs of your business.

South Yarra Electrical is here to help with planning your commercial lighting or office re-wiring to include 3 phase power, as well as installation of surge protection devices and even upgrades to your properties switchboards.

Commercial Switchboard maintenance

Our electricians are trained in maintaining and upgrading all types of commercial switchboards.

Electrical Testing Services

Keep your business equipment safe for your staff to use with our electrical test and tag services. Our electricians can complete the testing at your office or we can arrange for the equipment to be transported to our workshops.

As one of the best residential electricians South Yarra has to offer, we are confident that you’ll be more than satisfied with our all of our electrical work. Contact us today on 03 9909 5340 or if you’d like to drop by our office to talk with an electrician in person, we are located at 4/5 Powell St, South Yarra, Victoria, 3141