residential electrician

The team of domestic electricians in South Yarra have the skills and experience to handle any type of electrical work you are planning or need completed. From simple electrical maintenance to the installation of complete home automation systems, each project completed by South Yarra Electricians is guaranteed to be above and beyond your expectations.

Our Residential Services

At South Yarra Electrical we offer a complete range of services for any household electrical repairs that you need done around your home.

Electrical Maintenance

There are some lovely older homes in the South Yarra and Melbourne areas which are a vital part of the city’s history, but many of these homes are in need of some electrical repairs. By having some simple electrical maintenance completed on your family home, in fact several of our customers have commented on seeing dramatic decrease in their power bills after our work was carried out and others also noted with less power consumption, the family home is helping to improve the environment.

South Yarra Electrical offer a complete range of electrical maintenance services including requiring, upgrades and installation of new power and data cables for all types or residential and domestic buildings.

Data Cable Installation & Repair

Keeping your family connected to the ever growing digital world is now one of the most important factors when choosing a new home or completing renovations. The electricians at South Yarra Electrical can install and repair any type of cable that’s available on today’s market.

You can receive a free quote on any residential electrical service by calling 03 9909 5340 or visiting this page and sending our friendly staff the details of the work you’re planning.

Interior and Exterior Lighting

As of 2016, home light installations in Australia includes a huge range of options that can set the scene for every situation imaginable. In the past, a residential property could get by with a single type of light bulb for almost every room in the house, where as now, South Yarra Electrical Services are installing downlights, dimmers, LED lights as well as lighting for outdoor, garden and pool areas.

Give us a call on 03 9909 5340 and find out how replacing a few lightbulbs in your family home can lower your electricity bill every quarter while also lowering your homes carbon footprint.

Garden Lighting

There are lots of beautiful gardens in the South Yarra area, and many of our clients now enjoy looking at their favourite flowers during the evening as well. Our electricians professionally install a low voltage garden lighting package that makes your garden look amazing at night. This type of lighting is fantastic for entertainment areas where guest congregate or for when you just want a quiet spot to relax each evening.

Pool Lighting

During the day or night, having additional lighting in or around your pool can create a stunning backyard centre piece. There are also big safety wins for adding more lights so your family & friends can enjoy the water at any time of day.

South Yarra Electricians can install lighting on pools, spas and even ponds. If you have any outdoor area which has water nearby, we can offer you a solution to make it look amazing via our free quote service.

Home Renovation Electrician

The team at South Yarra Electrical understand that doing type of home renovation can take a lot of time and money. With our experienced electricians you can relax knowing your projects electrical tasks are in safe hands.

Contact us today for a quote on the highest quality & most efficient electrician Melbourne has to offer. Our number is 03 9909 5340 and our friendly team is ready to help you.

Home Automation System Setup

Having one or more home automation systems installation completed can make the daily life of you and your family much simplified – it’s easier than flipping a switch, because that parts now automatic!

South Yarra Electrical can get your home automation system installed and configured so activities like having certain lights or devices turned on or off at specific times is all completed without any need for you to do anything. We can make your air conditioning turn on so when you wake up, the entire house is a nice temperature for you to start the day.

Home Alarm Systems Melbourne

Keeping your family safe is the main function of your home. South Yarra Electrician’s offer the highest quality service and latest technology when it comes to your home security installation. Our team take security very seriously and we offer installation services for everything from security lighting to setting up security apps and tools that can you carry with you at all times.

Home Switchboard Maintenance

Most homes today are using a lot more electricity than when they were first build, and all of this extra power runs through the same old switchboard. If you are noticing that when a certain number of appliances or devices are turned on that your home suffers brief power loss or even complete blackouts then chances are the main switchboard is being overloaded.

Why We Are The #1 Choice

South Yarra Electricians are well trained in the latest switchboard technology and can easily update the main hub of the power running your home. This type of service does improve power consumption and management as well as lowering your carbon footprint.

You can call South Yarra Electrical Repairs on 03 9909 5340. As one of the best residential electricians South Yarra has to offer, we are confident that you’ll be more than satisfied with our all of our electrical work. Contact us today. If you’d like to drop by our workshop, we are located at 4/5 Powell St, South Yarra, Victoria, 3141