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Have all your devices perfectly in sync across your entire home network is fast becoming a necessity for the modern family. With a greater need for connectivity between your personal computers, laptop, mobile phone and TV now considered standard, having a well-designed and maintained system for each device to connect on plays a big part of your entire family’s daily activities.

Not long ago, the main and only way to connect with the outside world was via a single telephone line to the house. As of 2016, most family homes in the South Yarra and other Melbourne suburbs have several computers, phones and entertainment devices which all need connectivity to the internet. There are more and more families who also have their very own local file server and Local Area Networks that support the devices mentioned earlier as well as allowing families to use all types of home automation applications for a wide range of appliances and routine tasks. Make no mistake, the need for speed is not just for the race track anymore!

Data Cable Installation

South Yarra Electrical Services can provide your family with the optimal home network and data cabling for everyone’s needs. As one of the top local electrician companies in Melbourne, we are able to provide you with everything from installing data points for your new TV or IOT devices to isolating performance bottlenecks in your current data cabling configuration.

Our team of well trained and experienced local electrician will make sure your family home network allows everyone to share information within the house as well as across the internet in the most optimal way.

All of our services come with a 100% Free, no obligation quote so you can rest assured that all the job requirements are confirmed and there won’t be any surprise costs for having your home network setup by a professional electrician.

Types of Data Cabling

By now I’m sure you can see that data cabling inside your home is now just as important as the cabling used at your office or place of work. Of course, not every home is going to need the same level of infrastructure that a commercial office needs. There are several types of data cabling available and all offer a range of performance levels.

At South Yarra Electrical most family home networks we install or upgrade are done using CAT5 and CAT6 cables which offer excellent connectivity for all devices and allows for seamless & reliable performance. We can also assist with installing fibre optic cabling which provides an even better performance level.

Our home data cabling services are available to all areas of Melbourne and our team of electricians will transform your home into a hub of seamless connectivity that will allow your family and friends to share and make memories everyday of their lives.

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