home automation system

Are you a new homeowner or someone who’s looking to make improvements to your current home, then you might want to know what is a home automation system?

Home automation refers to any number of automated ways that the current systems in your home, from lighting to surveillance to home appliances, can be designed to function automatically, and some of the times, they can even be controlled remotely via the internet from anywhere you want.

And if you are wondering why would you want your home to have it, you should know that smart home automation will allow you to interact with every system in your house that might usually be controlled with many different interfaces. In the case that you don’t like to control everything in your home, then the smart technology used for your systems can control many everyday aspects of your home without your presence. 

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Finding The Best Home Automation System

Automated homes offer homeowners a more practical, efficient, and often safer living experience by using collective smart technology. This generally comes in different types. Each one compatible with the different needs of a house, filled with other functions that make the smart home known today. Here are the different types of home automation systems we can provide your house with:

Home Automation Lighting

Smart lighting is one of the more popular and easiest system for incorporating automation into your home. On top of helping you save energy, it can also help welcome you home, as well as any guests, it helps improve safety and security, and create moods to suit your needs.

One touch of a button can create exactly the right environment, and save power with unneeded lights being turned off. The majority of smart lighting technology feature the following elements:

  • Control from your smartphone: All your lights at home can be turned on or off, just from your smartphone tablet or laptop, so you won’t need to walk over to the different light switches.
  • Settings that can be automated: Lights with timers that let you to set up an automatic schedule, so you dont need to even be in the house or manually flick on and off light switches.
  • Smart sensors: Lights can detect if a room is empty or not.
  • Adjustable settings. Lights with dimmers and colour alternatives that let you regulate brightness and hue just from your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Home Alarm Systems in Melbourne

A home security system can provide you with more than just a simple sense of safety but also actual security from housebreakers who are planning to steal from a house that can easily be broken into.

To install a basic home security system, it will take our team of residential electricians approximately three hours. If you are constructing a new house or an extension, we can simply run the wires through open walls. Installing the home security system in an older home will take our team more time.

We can also provide a wireless option where the key components of the home security system are battery-powered and communicate with a monitor device inside your house. This monitor is in touch with a remote cellular network, which is the heart of the system.

After the installation of the home system, all you will need to do is learn how to arm and disarm the system, teach each one of your family members, and use it daily. It is also important to use the stickers and signs we provide you with to make your new home security system known by everyone who walks across your house, as this can make a difference.

Home Theatre Installation

At South Yarra Electrical Repairs, our experienced team can transform any living space, loft or basement into “state of the art” entertainment or a dedicated Home Theatre.

We will install the latest available technologies to optimise your home cinema experience which will offer the plenty of entertainment options, on demand.

No need to worry about cables and black boxes as you won’t be dealing with it. Everything will be hidden away to let you focus and enjoy your brand new home cinema experience.

The home cinema installation will be completed with amazing surround sound systems of the highest quality, this and the latest in high definition smart television or projectors will give you the ultimate big screen experience.

We offer a wide range of options to suit your vision, needs and all budgets. You can start with a high definition plasma screen with surround sound along with discrete wiring and go on to have a completely automated house with Multi-Room Video, Multi-Room Audio and more.

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